Now you can learn the complete ULTRAMIND SYSTEM online!

From the comfort of your own home with a laptop and internet, you can get the full ULTRAMIND Course training with one on one LIVE training as well as personalised coaching optimised for you, so that you can use the powerful ULTRAMIND techniques for your specific situation.

Best of all you get FULL lifetime unlimited worldwide LIVE class retake and repeat facility, with your internationally valid certification and accreditation!

The Silva Life System is a personal empowerment program designed to unleash the power of your mind, which will in turn benefit all areas of your life. You’ll do better in your career, increase your wealth-making abilities, beat stress, improve your health and relationships,and even find your life purpose.

The Silva Life System takes you through classes of Alpha and Theta Level meditations, as you are personally guided throughout the process. This training program is designed to give you the foundations of our mind empowerment method that trains you to awaken your mind’s full potential. 

With the SILVA Intuition system mental program, now anyone can achieve a life enriched by reliable & consistent intuitive guidance. SILVA recognizes that everyone is born with intuitive abilities, and that anyone who learns how to manifest these abilities can function at a highly intuitive level. Through our scientific and time-tested process, you’ll learn how to use your inbuilt psychic abilities everyday for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life.

This SILVA Class includes immersive guided meditation sessions that use our proprietary centering technology to guide you into an optimal state of mind for intuition, creativity, manifestation and healing.

The Silva Ultramind System is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential. It is based on accessing altered states of consciousness that everyone is born with - but few know how to access at will. This priceless skill is what you gain through the SILVA Ultramind Class.

Through an easy-to-follow process, you gain an instinctive understanding of the primary states of consciousness the human mind operates in and gives you the tools to access these abilities at will - so using them to transform your life becomes as easy and natural as breathing.


How would you like to have an online LIVE face to face personal ULTRAMIND Consultation Session with one of our friendly Coaches? Normally valued at $120 it is now available FREE of cost - for a limited time! Simply fill in your details below and you will be contacted via email to schedule an online meeting via either Zoom or Whatsapp or any other online platform convenient for you. 

We look forward to speak with you and answer any queries you may have about the ULTRAMIND SYSTEM